What you should know before you cold email a business

Cold emails make the business world go round. Avoid the spam folder and get your message delivered in the primary inbox.

First things first, buy one or two alternative domains. Let’s say that your main domain is emailblaster.com

You should send cold emails from emailblaster.co or emailblaster.io


Your domain might get flagged as spam by cold approach adverse prospects. In this case, emailblaster.co or emailblaster.io would get blocked and emailblaster.com will remain safe.

Next, sort out your DKIM, SPF, DMARC, and MX records for your domains. This is a priority task that must be completed before sending any emails.

These email authentication methods help prevent spammers, phishers, and unauthorized parties from sending emails on behalf of a domain they don’t own. Plus, they demonstrate legitimacy to Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail.

You can watch videos on YouTube or look up how to set these up on your preferred search engine.

Next, sign-up and use an email warm up service. Warming up your sender domain before ramping up outreach is important because emails from new domains that don’t have a reputation tend to end up in a recipient’s spam folder.

An email warm up service creates a conversion between your mailbox and another domain, which automatically moves cold emails from spam into the primary inbox server within a select group of recipients.

This then improves your email reputation and increases the chances of your cold email landing in your prospect’s primary inbox.

Time to start your cold email campaign.

Avoid using pictures or links in your cold email.

Email providers might flag these types of cold emails as spams. Therefore use text only and avoid SPAM triggering words like “Free”, “Money”, etc. Use mail merge to personalize the first line of your email.

Your email should be short and sweet.

Here’s an example of your mail merge intro:

“Hey X,

Great job on Y, (Client from their testimonial page) must have been pumped by the results you help generate.

Your main pitch follows

Use a free email spam checker to evaluate the spamminess of your cold email.

And then ramp up your sends over time – 1 send on Monday, 2 sends on Tuesday, etc.

Remember it’s a numbers game – no one is waiting for your cold email to change their life. Aim for a 1% – 3% response rate and from there you’ll have to track your conversions.  

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